by Mensis

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You and all your friends are pathetic drunks
Addicted to acceptance, and being fucked up
abuse is the life you choose
Fuck college culture and fuck you too

You watch your friends die, to you it's no loss
They all deserve it, they knew the cost
I hope your choke on your vomit you frat boy fuck
They're all nice guys til they get what they want
Do me a favor and next time you're drunk
Jump in your car and play chicken with semi truck

Drink yourself into a fucking coma
Bottoms up

And fuck everyone that stood by while you played your games
How can you say you love someone and then blame them for their pain
You've been abused by the same disgusting system
You heard a cry for help and decided not to listen

Death to those who manipulate
The toxic atmosphere that you create
Hang the fratboy leave him to rot
An inch above the ground for every shot

I hope your closest friends stay addicted to dead ends
I hope you Fucking black out and never wake up again
Fuck your substances fuck your abuse
Fuck college culture and fuck you too


released April 24, 2017
Album Artwork by Michael Demko

Tracking/Mixing/Mastering by Connor Haines



all rights reserved


Mensis San Jose, California

Michael - Vocals
Connor - Guitar
Eddie - Bass
Ciro Drums

IG - Mensisca
Facebook - Mensisca

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